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To be clear, I believe that large portions of her post are rooted in internalized sexism. I do not think she was explicitly railing against strong female protagonists, but I do believe that her main complaint took the form of blaming the focus on girls in YA for the lack of boys reading YA. Likewise, I agree that simplified male characters are harmful, but it's been demonstrated that there are plenty of well written YA books with male protagonists out there. It is also important to note that while simplified male characters are harmful, they are not nearly as harmful as simplified or nonexistant female characters due to gender inequality and male privilege in the real world.

To reiterate my post: Advocating for male characters made of denser stuff is one thing. Blaming the lack of decent male characters and subsequently readers on the focus on girls in YA is another. We haven't come so far that we won't backtrack, fast, if we break down the success we've achieved by pretending the "boy problem" is comparable to the "girl problem" in the context of male privilege and power, or that the "girl problem" needs to be tabled in order to tackle the "boy problem."

Hannah made some good points, but her perspective is skewed by societal norms that can be difficult to recognize at times, even by feminists.

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