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holyschist ([personal profile] holyschist) wrote in [personal profile] manifesta 2010-08-01 06:23 pm (UTC)

I've been wondering about that, too--I didn't read YA much when I was a teenager (now it's most of what I read, at 25--go figure), and I find the Wall O' Twilight Knockoffs in Borders really offputting. I suspect that it's not just boys, but also a large number of girls who are turning to the adult section instead, because that's just not to their tastes. Not to mention that all the covers look the same, which makes it harder for any given book to stand out as potentially interesting.

I'm also not convinced that teenagers reading adult novels is a problem. The line between YA and A is really fuzzy, and often drawn solely by the age of the protagonist. There are many excellent adult SFF authors that I enjoyed as a teenager and/or would recommend to a teenager--Naomi Novik, Alaya Johnson, Terry Pratchett, Elizabeth Moon, etc. Some of those authors get assumed to be YA (especially the first two) despite never marketing as such, and others have also written YA (Pratchett).

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