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feuille ([personal profile] feuille) wrote in [personal profile] manifesta 2010-07-31 08:43 am (UTC)

Fascinating link; thank you. I freely admit that I could read a lot more YA, but I had never got the impression there weren't books about boys! What I did get the impression was there was a lack of:

YA books for boys that had emotional content/examination of how friendships, relationships change with growing feelings and maturity, and romance (Perhaps a classically :forgirls kind of thing?)

YA books for girls that had action, high stakes and high risk adventure and swashbuckling and even grit, without romance. (And perhaps a classically :forboys kind of thing?)

When I was that age I was turned off a lot of the YA around because so much of it was about relationships and romance, and I just wanted fantasy and sci-fi adventures, so I took the easy option and went for adult stuff (which ended up having no women in it). Seems to me that regardless of the inequality of writers and target audiences, there also needs to be more equality ofcontent: no-romance options for girls, and having-feelings options for boys.

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