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gender stereotypes and writing YA

[ profile] m_stievater (Maggie Stiefvater) on writing gender and YA, bold emphasis mine:

"Okay, so I need to bring this back around to my writing philosophy. And it’s this: yes, I know there are women and men who are wildly different from one another, who fall classically along gender lines. But I also know that there are those who are not that different, the ones who have escaped or resisted a lot of the influences that makes us pink-clad shoppers versus muscle-bound Maxim readers. And when I write, my characters will often be plucked from that latter group. Boys who read poetry and girls who swear and guys who play music and chicks who love cars. I refuse to see the gender gap in YA fiction as a chasm of fixed proportions. I refuse to constantly make sure my girls are acting “girly” and my boys are acting “guyish.” That would mean letting current mores define gender and character for me."

This is the kind of vision I love to see in authors and books.

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Speaking as a girl who rode motorbikes with my father, did ballet and cried when I had to stop dancing, did martial arts, was scared of spiders, etc, all in one, yes. I love it when characters in books are, well, like real people.
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Accident when I was cycling, someone rammed the back of my bike and I went into the road, tore my knee open, etc. I had to stop doing martial arts, too, in the end, but I held onto that as long as I could. I'm too heavily built to be a dancer, really, but I did love it. I'm only just really getting active again, with my running, and it seems like -- touch wood! -- my knee is serviceable again now.