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sirens conference update

About two months ago I mentioned Sirens Conference and the proposal I was working on for it. Turns out my proposal was accepted! The project is titled Tough Chick: Portrayals of Women's Strength and Sexuality in Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance and if it sounds familiar, that's because it's the MUF/PR series I promised a while back and never finished writing. It will be a multi-angle examination of how women's strength is mediated by their sexuality, with a strong emphasis on applied social cognitive theory (or society-author-text and text-reader-society relationships and how unconscious beliefs based on pervasive societal norms can be transmitted/perceived implicitly).

I'm not 100% certain yet if I'll be able to attend the conference (I'm currently working on funding), but I wanted to share the good news. Holly Black, Terri Windling, and Marie Brennan (who I quote a lot here) are the Guests of Honor this year, and I know that Tamora Pierce will also be attending. If anyone else is attending, let's get in touch!

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Congratulations! verrry excellent, and verrry sad to say it's fairly likely I wouldn't be able to attend, which is a bummer, because I'd attend just for your presentation. Le sigh.

[personal profile] amethystfirefly 2010-06-02 12:00 am (UTC)(link)
eeee. Congratulations!!!

[personal profile] miss_haitch 2010-06-02 06:29 am (UTC)(link)
Fabulous, well done! And I wish I could go to that conference, it sounds really cool.