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baby remember my name

# of shots of espresso in the past three days: Four.
# cups of tea: Four and a half.
# of experiments currently being worked on: Three.*
# of hours in the lab working with data: Numerous.

I had a huge midterm for stats/experimental design yesterday, among other things, which have had me running around trying to get everything ready. On the bright side, the exam wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

Progress on BWW is touch-and-go. I think I've thrown the idea of writing every day out the window, and am settling for writing whenever possible. There are only so many sacrifices I can make before my schoolwork/physical self suffers for it. (I already managed to injure my left leg earlier this week at salsa while doing lifts with an inexperienced partner. Clearly, my sanity was lacking, because I never would have compensated so much for his lack of grip otherwise.**) 

On the bright side, in BWW Deahnna and Zephyr are no longer at a fete. Instead, they're in the library. As in, the library scene that I've been wanting to write for ages. I'm about 2k in and it's still got a little while to go.

I made double chocolate Andes mint brownies today. They're gooey and deliciously amazing.

*Coding the data for one, preparing to begin running labs for the second, and in the initial planning stages of the third.
**When coming down from the lift, I knew he wasn't holding on to me tightly enough and took the majority of my weight onto a single leg. Done multiple times, this can hurt.

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Ugh, I'm still reeling a little from exams, haha. This weekend is my only reprieve before it's back to work. :p

And I know how you feel! I wrote out nearly three chapters the other day (I know, that's a lot for me--I was in the zone!) and FINALLY got to this part of the book I've been aching for.

Of course, it's only the halfway point.

And there are several other scenes I'm DYING to write.

But it's a start. :D

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A huge fete and a huge library? Your story is full of the stuff of dreams! <3<3
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As much as I love the idea of being able to work on something I'm writing every day I've also decided that during the semester with work and school it's just not going to happen otherwise my schoolwork will start to suffer. It sounds like you're making progress on it which is good!