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you put on quite a show

I know I said I was going to wait until Wednesday to start writing again, but I decided to skip tango tonight to resume something I really cared about. The past two and a half weeks have been rough. My computer would function in fits and starts, and for a day or two I'd be able to write something, and then the next day it would be dead again. During one of its rare lucid moments, I was able to look at some of my older pieces, including a few unfinished novels. The last time I had written a book from beginning to end was in 2006. Since then the farthest I've gotten on any book was 16k.

Now look where I'm at:

Black Widow's Walk

20,008 / 90,000

In celebration of a new laptop and wordcount milestone, here's a snippet from one of the more recent scenes in Black Widow's Walk.


The air grew damp, sitting flush with her cheeks the moment she left the mansion. Baroque stone columns propped each of the mansions up, three times taller than any human and twice as wide. She leaned against one, its coldness a relief against her bare back.

The glory that had pulsed beneath her chest and swelled her veins dimmed to mere translucence. In the distance, the border shimmered faintly despite the darkness, but only to her, only to those who had the eyes through which could see it. Few entered without trepidation, but in her younger years she had straddled its threshold with fierce pride. Even now, her ancestry howled inside her, celebratory and furious and crying, I am here.

None could escape the Change should they travel across blooded ground, not even she. Her heart’s cruelest truth smoldered in delicate, sanguine whorls on her skin, a more permanent reflection than for many. She had no need for illusions. She dealt in them.


Thank you to everyone for your patience with me! I hope to resume a normal life now.

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It made me shiver. I LOVED the exposition, especially at the end.

And congrats on making it this far! You deserve cake. :D

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Omg, that is GORGEOUS!!! Seriously, it's mesmerizing!