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writer's desk

A while ago, SJMaas posted an entry with pictures of her desk. Since I'm ridiculously proud (probably more so than can be justified) of putting together mine, here's what's on it:


There's nothing on the walls at the moment because they were sprayed with mud and thus blue tape doesn't stick to them very well. I'm hoping to get a few tackboards for notes and a white board for novel plotting and/or psych experiment planning soon. I live pretty minimally and don't like a lot clutter, so my current set-up it really nice.


1-3 are usually carried around in my purse.

1. Palimpsest by Catherynne M. Valente. I usually keep a book or two around (though I have more on my bookcase).
2. Moleskine notebook containing various writerly ideas and a decent chunk of world-building for Black Widow's Walk.
3. The mandatory iPod. Complete with coconut gummy earphones. 
4. My beta fish, Magnolia. He's about a year and half old and named after a street in downtown Bellingham, WA.
5. Lavender and cedarwood oil and reeds. Its twin is in the living room and is currently spreading tendrils of vanilla-goodness everywhere. My goal is for our apartment to be the best-smelling place in the world.


6. Dell laptop where all the writing occurs. The wallpaper is a friend and I posing backstage before a salsa performance in June. (I'm the one with the sunglasses). I like it because my dance shoes are reflected in the mirror. Black Widow's Walk and its accompanying files (a tentative and vague scene list, the pitch, names, etc.) is contained in the folder by my shoulder.
7. Mandatory coffee cup. It was filled with 2% milk at the time, but usually it's tea.

Also: I've been contemplating the fact that since moving in, either my (totally awesome) roommate and/or her friends and/or my friends have randomly been wandering in and out of my room throughout the day. I've since considered hanging a tie on my doorknob when trying to write. Awkward connotations, but perhaps effective...?

Kidding. But still an amusing thought.

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Haha, I love that you did this post. I'm always super-fascinated by writers' desks! PLUS your desk is CLEAN! I got so many comments on my post that basically told me I was a FREAK for keeping a clean desk. But I'm seriously such a chronic procrastinator that I HAVE to keep my desk clean, or else I'll use its messiness as an excuse not to write! :-P I'm totally bonkers, I know!

You'r totally cute, btw!!! And I adore Magnolia--I feel like I need some kind of critter in my life. :-P

Alas, one of the unfortunate parts of college/living with someone is the constant interruption to your writing. Basically, when a friend would burst into my dorm room (or now when my fiance starts hollering my name from the living room), I'd tell them to wait 2 seconds, write down my last thought/line/whatever I was about to write, then give them my attention. It's somewhat annoying, but then I'd remember that it's rather sweet to have people wanting to see you. :-P

How often do you dance? And what kind of dance, specifically? I'm a HUGE ballet fan (seriously, 'huge' is an understatement), so I always get sort of excited when people have things like dance shoes and stuff. :-)

P.S. You are AWESOME for putting together that desk all by yourself!!!!!

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Hahaha, yes--clutter makes me antsy. Right now, I have a teensy pile of my daily jewelry (3 bracelets and my watch) on my desk, and it's driving me CRAZY to sit here with it beside me (instead of in its proper place my jewelry box). Maybe that's TOTALLY OCD of me, but the slightest mess just distracts me.

I don't dance--for some reason, I always remained on the audience side of things. My family has season tickets to ABT, and I HATE that I'm no longer living in NYC. It was a strange, awful thing to not see Swan Lake this year. The only dancing I do is in the privacy of my own house, or at bars. :-P

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Ah, gummy earphones--the best of the best.

I love how neat your desk is! I tend to scribble in my notebook on my bed (which is very uncomfortable, by the way) and type only when I'd gotten a chapter or more out. I sort of have to, as my room is the only place I can write undisturbed. And hanging a tie, you say? For some odd reason, this makes me think of socks... :p

Also, you dance? That. Is. Awesome.

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HOMG we have the same laptop. *flail* Mine sucks, though. It functioned well for a few months and has started acting up of late. I have no clue what's wrong with it, probably a clutter. To say I am a scatterbrain would be a gross understatement--which reminds me, I need to clean up my desk, full of papers, binders, books, and the token cup or two I forgot to take up earlier.

And tea. < 3 I feel the writing process is not the same without a cup of tea to sip at and ponder the next line over. I love black orange pekoe tea with a splash of milk and sugar. Just like the Brits do it, or so I'm told, heeh.

Haha, I would so do that, but because my future roommate and I invade each others' space all the time, it would probably be a moot point.

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I don't know what's wrong with it. I tend to turn it off with all windows and tabs and Word docs still open on my file, but it freaked out the other day, and then again a few days after. After running diagnostics for hours I finally got the "Reboot?" message, and the second time it took me an hour or so. So frustrating, though--for hours I thought I'd have to reinstall everything, essentially losing all my documents, music, bookmarks, etc. I've been taking care of properly turning it off lately, but it's remarkably slower. I really ought to back up files; I'm just tempting fate....

Ah, yes, tea makes me unbelievably happy, too, and it gives a sense of routine to my writing. I've never tried herbal teas--always stuck to good old black tea. But I also like it because of the caffeine; I tend to write late at night, when everything is quiet, so if I'm tired it gives me a boost. And I can drink multiple cups without getting jitters, unlike coffee.

Yeah--moving out sometime in June or July, and college in September. The thing about living in Quebec is we graduate a year early (grade eleven instead of twelve), so we go to college for two years (called CEGEP) and then to uni. I actually prefer things this way. The education reform has seriously messed up our classes, but the fact that we get to graduate a year earlier than Canadians/Americans makes me so happy. I find high school rather pointless. I'm so excited for the apartment and college--while simultaneously in disbelief that I'm going to be out of my parents' house and high school at seventeen.