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manifesta ([personal profile] manifesta) wrote2009-09-12 10:34 am

the sky was burning up like fireworks

I was all set for a big writing session last night (yes, on a Friday; I was beat from training, I wasn't going dancing, and few people are in town, sooo...) when I barely was able to get 50 words after an hour of frustration. I gave up at about 400 and went to bed grumbling. My allergies woke me up at 7:30 this morning, so I staggered out of bed and started writing. Things went more smoothly after a few failed starts. I just finished a scene, and in the next one Deahnna makes a startling re-entrance to the High Court. I'm helping some friends move in today, including my roommate, so I don't know how much more writing I'm going to do tonight.

While waiting for the cable guy to fix my internet the other day, I read about half of Palimpsest. Valente's prose is luxurious and sprawling. The story still has me confused, but it's becoming clearer. It definitely resonates with Charles de Lint's work, and it's refreshing to read a fantasy that's minus the typical forms of magic or bloodshed.

Black Widow's Walk

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