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quick update

I'm all moved into my apartment! It's gorgeous, with a balcony looking over the street and large rooms. It took a while, but my cable was set up today, and I put together my desk yesterday with only minor injuries. Training starts tomorrow at 8:30AM.

I had hoped to write more tonight, but halfway through I realized the scene I had anticipated on writing next simply couldn't happen yet. The two leads don't trust each other enough, and it's going to take a little more time before they do. I shuffled some scenes around; hopefully this order will flow better.

I know I'm behind on commenting, but I will, soon! I hope your weeks have been wonderful.

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Oooh, your apartment sounds so nice! And LOL @ "I put together my desk with only minor injuries." THAT is precisely why I have a fiance. If I were left to assemble anything on my own, it'd be a disaster.

I hope training is enjoyable! Or as enjoyable as it can be, given the subject matter, and that 8:30 on a Saturday is awfully early. ;-)

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Haha, the novel I'm currently querying had SO many moments in which I realized I was writing a scene too early. What I call draft 1 in reality was draft 2, because I re-wrote so many of the chapters as I went along. I have several chapter documents saved with "version x" after them (some having 3 or 4 versions) in the "draft 1" folder. It was pretty funny to look back on when I finished. But that meant revising was WAY easier than if I had just kept going, knowing that something would need to be moved.

Lol, so now you get to pump out even more words so you can get to that scene! And everything will go so fast. You're making so much progress--I love to watch your meter increase and increase :-P Even though I've said that before.

Your apartment sounds fab and I kind of want to see pictures now :-P

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Congrats on moving in! It sounds like an awesome pad, especially because there's a balcony included. (In case you can't tell, I love balconies, haha.)

And yes, I've had that realization, too: there was a scene that I thought was too soon, and another too late, but when I shuffled them around I found the character development much more plausible. :D

Also, you're already at 13, 000 words.


...I'm a slacker. :p

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Ah man, I'm so jealous right now. I hope I can get an apartment like that--but I'm thinking too far ahead now, aren't I? :p

Now. If only Winter Break could hurry up and get here...